‘We save costs and our employees are more satisfied’

- Luk De Leeuw, HR-manager Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) in Lummen.

STG produces 1.5 billion cigars annually for the international market in Lummen. 480 people work there. The company engaged MoveteX for the optimization of the collective transport scheme.

‘Our production site has integrated several factories in the region in recent years. As a result, people from three different provinces work there. We have developed a collective transport scheme for employees who had to change sites. We ensure that they get well at work and back home. Until last year we used large buses for this, but due to changes the capacity utilization of these buses had dropped too much. Our scheme required a review. In the same period we read in the media how MoveteX helped the Royal Football Association with the allocation of referees (you can read more info at "Even programmeren, en hup: miljoenen kilometers minder"). That appealed to us, such a young and dynamic company. So we contacted them.’


‘MoveteX had the necessary software to draw up the possible scenarios for the organization of our collective transport based on our data - such as the residences and schedules of our employees. At the end of last year, we canceled three large buses and replaced them with several smaller vans. A cost saving, because a full van is economically more interesting than a half-empty bus. But our employees are also more satisfied. In the past they gathered at a central pick-up point, now they are picked up and dropped off at home. Much more pleasant, especially for people who work in shifts early in the morning or late at night. The next step? To further optimize our collective transport based on input from MoveteX.’

‘We look back positively on our cooperation with MoveteX. Their approach is smooth and transparent. In doing so, they realize what they promise. The great strength of the company? Their knowledge and many possibilities. Every company that needs to get something or someone to a particular place can organize and plan more efficiently with MoveteX. I would definitely recommend them.’