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Boost your business with your custom-made, fully integrated, optimization- or automation software package

You want to improve your staff planning, production planning or transport planning? You aim to automate or optimize your production process? Then you certainly need a custom-made algorithm and/or software package that satisfies your specific requirements. We develop this solution, integrate it into your existing systems and closely monitor the results and benefits.

One of our references

Referee Assignment and Selection Tool - RefAssiST: for the best of refereeing

RefAssiST™ is being used by The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) for the referee appointments of all their football and futsal matches. Thanks to the RefAssiST™-algorithms the transport expenses of the referees could be reduced… read more...


With our custom-made algorithms and software solutions, you can optimize and/or automate your daily business processes and workflows. Less costs, a higher efficiency, higher performance or increased productivity: we optimize the KPI’s you want to see optimized.

Our algorithms are developed in such a way that they can be used on nearly all software platforms, and can easily  be integrated into existing software. This integration can be done by our experts, or we can cooperate closely with your internal IT department. However, your value-creating algorithms can be embedded in a new software application as well, that can be implemented according to your own convenience (Server, SaaS, Web, …).

With our high-quality user training, our flexible and agile support service and our attention for user feedback, we facilitate the change management process and increase the acceptance by your employees. After integration, we closely monitor the results and the benefits, and make changes where necessary. Our final goal is to achieve those KPI’s you intended!

We have a large library of algorithms and techniques for optimization and planning. From this library we select and tune the appropriate building blocs for your specific case and feed them with your input data. In this way we differentiate ourselves from the generic, highly expensive, overkill systems and offer an affordable custom-made solution.


What our customers say

RefAssiST not only enabled us to automate our referee appointments, but also to rationalize the transport expenses. In addition, RefAssiST contains convenient reporting tools, that allow the management to track and analyse the relevant KPI's, and take action if necessary.

Paul Allaerts — Refereeing Director, Royal Belgian Football Association
Why Movetex

The strength of MoveteX is a profound knowledge of mathematical optimization techniques and modelling techniques for automation. Combined with our expertise in a broad range of industries and application areas, we develop your custom-made optimization software. After integration, we monitor the results and continuously try to find further improvements and other optimization opportunities. In this way we strive for our main company value: a long-term partnership with our customers.