Analysis and simulation studies

Assess the consequences of your strategic or operational decisions quantitatively

A simulation study not only provides insights in the consequences of your policy decisions, but also audits the efficiency of your current work flows/business processes in a quantitative way. A custom-made data model of your business and business processes enables you to make a quantitative evaluation of different scenarios and to optimize their outcome.


Every simulation study is based on a custom-made computational data model of one or more of your business processes. This model contains the relevant and customized KPI’s, that monitor the efficiency of your process or its different sub-processes. By supplying this model with the available historical and statistical input data, we make a quantitative analysis of you current methodology. This simulation provides immediate insight into the possible losses and their causes, into the optimization opportunities, and tells you how to improve your KPI’s.

The model can be used to evaluate new scenarios as well. With our fitting and forecasting experience, we are able to make quantitative predictions of the consequences of decision-making at the strategical, tactical or operational level.

A simulation study is vital for well-founded policy making at any level: whether it concerns a capacity analysis, the efficient distribution of your available resources, or the evaluation of the benefits of new investments, the added value for your company is huge. Once the data model has been developed, it can easily be fine tuned, adapted and used for future studies. The investment will recoup itself many times over.

Why Movetex?

We have a broad experience in the development of accurate and comprehensive computational data models in many different industries. Our statistical expertise allows us to interpret, filter and extrapolate the the relevant input data. Finally, we are experts in the analysis of simulation results, and especially in translating them into actionable insights.