Royal Belgian Football Association

Referee Assignment and Selection Tool - RefAssiST: for the best of refereeing

RefAssiST™ is being used by The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) for the referee appointments of all their football and futsal matches. Thanks to the RefAssiST™-algorithms the transport expenses of the referees could be reduced with 25 to 30%. In an independent satisfactory survey, performed by the University College Leuven-Limburg among the RBFA users, RefAssiST™ scored an average of 84%! In the same survey the MoveteX support service got an average of more than 90%!

What our customers say

RefAssiST not only enabled us to automate our referee appointments, but also to rationalize the transport expenses. In addition, RefAssiST contains convenient reporting tools, that allow the management to track and analyse the relevant KPI's, and take action if necessary.

Paul Allaerts — Director Refereeing RBFA

The RBFA represents more than 2.000 Belgian football clubs and organises over 250.000 football and futsal matches every season. Weekly this implies a tedious and time-consuming task for all referee officers: 2.500-5.000 matches (from youth competitions to the highest national division) that need at least one or more referees to be appointed.

RefAssiST™ supports about 50 provincial and national referee officers during this task. All boundary conditions (transport distance of the referee, availability, maximize the number of clubs over a season,  maximize the time between matches with an identical club, …) are taken into account in a flexible user interface.

At a single glance the best set of referees can be selected for a match, of course with a different angle depending on the importance or level of the game: the appointment of a Play-Off 1 match is influenced by other criteria (e.g. fitness of the referee) than a youth match (e.g. transport expenses). Even the management of the observers and referee assessments and its administration and follow-up is incorporated in RefAssiST™.

For matches that are not manually appointed, RefAssiST™ contains algorithms for automatic appointments. The optimal solution can be found quickly and easily using the built-in mathematical optimization algorithms with nice results for our partner: the RBFA realizes between 25% and 30% reduction in the total transport costs without sending the referees too often to the same club over and over again. This means Belgian football referees will drive 1.500.000 km less/year.

RefAssiST™ can easily be adapted for other sport disciplines and other sport federations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or take a look at the RefAssiST™-website.