Maria Middelares Hospital

Optimal usage of available resources in hospitals

In many hospitals patient planning, surgery planning, staff planning, logistics planning, ... rely on a number of ad hoc principles and manual interventions. Nevertheless, streamlining these plannings onto each other and onto all relevant internal and external workflows, offers a great opportunity to increase cost-efficiency. The Maria Middelares hospital consulted MoveteX to investigate the optimal capacity of their nursing teams and to determine how their available resources can be efficiently distributed.

What our customers say

MoveteX reviewed the optimal capacity of our nursing teams, and identified a cost-efficient way of distributing the available operating rooms over the medical disciplines. Maybe even more important is that, by presenting their methodology in a clear-cut way, they achieved understandance and acceptance of all stakeholders.

Tonny Van Hecke — Manager Surgery Department

The AZ Maria Middelares (AZMM) is a modern medical facility located near Ghent, with 532 patient beds, 24 operating rooms and a broad range of specialized medical disciplines. For the AZMM we performed a capacity study of the surgery department. The results of this simulation study showed how the available resources (nursing staff, operating rooms, …) can be used and distributed as efficiently as possible.

The capacity study is based on a computational data model of the surgery department, that comprises all necessary boundary conditions and terms (employment, legal, medical, …). With historical capacity occupation data, the model can simulate the functioning of the surgery department, and extrapolate it into the future.

By simulating different scenarios as well as their consequences, in a quantitative way, we identified the most cost-efficient and fair way of distributing the available resources over the different medical disciplines. The optimal size of the nursing teams, as well as the optimal staff planning methodology could also be concluded from the model.