Coaching, feasibility and functional design of your own automation platform or optimization concept

Corporify offers a highly secured cloud-based platform to simplify and automate legal management of companies. The founders of Corporify consulted MoveteX to evaluate the feasibility of their concept, to identify the different automation opportunities and to write a detailed functional design of the platform. If you have an idea for an automation platform or for optimization software in your own industry, don't hesitate to ask our advice for a feasibility analysis, a proof-of-concept or a complete functional design.

What our customers say

The MoveteX team helped us to identify the many automation opportunities for Corporify. They also delivered a powerful and detailed 'cookbook' for the practical implementation. Our cooperation was an important milestone in the growth of Corporify.

Maarten Poulussen — CEO Corporify

Dealing with legal compliance, corporate governance and risk management is a complex, time consuming and expensive matter. Therefore, in order to both support and protect a company’s business, a clear focus is needed on lean processes and automation in corporate legal practice. Corporify offers the legal automation platform that addresses these issues.

In cooperation with the founders of Corporify, Movetex has identified the different automation opportunities in the numerous relevant legal processes. In addition, the pseudo-code for the automation algorithms and the database design was supplied. All of this was gathered in a complete and detailed functional design, that seamlessly bridges the step to functional implementation.

Many innovative ideas for optimization software or automation platforms are never realised because one does not oversee the complexity of practical implementation. For your own concept in your own sector/industry, don’t hesitate to ask our advice for a feasibility analysis, a proof-of-concept, database model, pseudo-code or complete functional design.