Transport planning

Fast and efficient fleet planning in one single-click

Every company participating in the global supply chain needs a well-considered distribution strategy. Controlling transportation costs is of crucial importance for the profitability of your company. The target is clear: supply every customer within the desired time window with a minimum of mileage and a maximum load factor of the trucks.

Considering the total physical distribution costs of a product, transportation costs account on average for 45%. Mathematical algorithms help you to solve this complicated puzzle: depending on the number of available trucks and a given set of drops/customers, you will find the optimal route for each truck with only one single-click.

Our product M4LOGISTICS provides top-notch solutions for routing, planning and scheduling in logistics. Our open optimization engine allows a seamless integration in your existing management software, while our planning software provides an intuitive interface for planning your fleet movements. If applicable, the collection of goods and / or reverse logistics can be taken into account in order to maximize the utilization of the trucks and to reduce the number of empty kilometers driven.

Route Optimization

M4LOGISTICS intelligently optimizes vehicle routes by ordering the stops, minimizing the traveled distance and time, …

Fleet efficiency

M4LOGISTICS enables you to maximize your fleet efficiency by generating high-quality solutions for even the most diverse fleet.

Full flexibility

Obtain full flexibility with our optimization engine. Add or remove requests, vehicles, … and preserve an unchallenged efficiency throughout.

Plan ahead

Our powerful optimization engine allows you to start planning right away, and update on the fly as new information arrives.

Fleet planning in one single-click?

Simulationmodel changing distribution policy

Next to our operational algorithms, a mathematical model can help you to assess the impact of one or more new distribution strategies. Is it appropriate to reduce or expand the fleet? What is the effect on the cost of adjusting the delivery frequency of your customer? Is it advisable to build an additional warehouse and to prefer decentralized delivery?

In short, by means of a mathematical model you get advanced quantitative insights into the consequences of your strategic decisions. Given the irreversibility of it, MoveteX is convinced that a mathematical model yields companies using them a significant competitive advantage over other companies not going beyond the rules of thumb.