Staff planning

Optimize your staffing budget and your staff planning schedules with a custom-made staff planning software

The estimation of your staffing budget and the daily scheduling of your staffing grids requires plenty of time and resources and is of crucial importance for the profitability of your company. A custom-designed staffing model and its matching planning algorithm, not only automates the calculation of the staffing grid, but helps you to find the optimal size and composition of your personnel file as well.

Our approach distinguishes itself from standard staff planning software in 2 ways. First of all, it is designed precisely for your facility. Secondly, we combine the different time horizons of staff planning: long term budget planning, medium term scheduling and short term agility.

The long term step in the staff planning process is the drafting of your staffing budget: you estimate the magnitude and the composition of your staff. It goes without saying that even a slight miscalculation can lead to over- or under staffing and the resulting avoidable costs for your company. We develop a custom-made staffing model, that takes into account all legal and organizational aspects, the skills and qualities of your employees, as well as the growth of your company activities. With this model you can assess the effect of extending or reducing your staff on the risk for over- or under staffing in a quantitative way.

The medium range planning consists of the drafting of the work/shift schedules. This is a time-consuming and difficult task, because of the many restrictions that need to be taken into account. With our planning algorithms, these schedules are automated and optimized. Again, these algorithms are custom-made, to consider precisely those aspects that are important for your company. Thanks to these time-efficient schedules, your team leaders can focus on their core business and optimize their teams performance.

In the short term, the schedules need to be changed due to unforeseeable events, as illness, adapted work, new clients, … Our planning software allows manual adjustements, and helps the team leader to find the new optimal solution.