Referee management and automatic appointments

Efficient referee management and automatic referee appointments with RefAssiST

Appointing referees or officials for sport games is a complicated and time-consuming task. RefAssiST is an in-house developed software package, with built-in algorithms for automatic appointments. Thanks to RefAssiST this process becomes time-efficient and less prone to errors, and transport cost can be reduced. The Royal Belgian Football Association is using RefAssiST since more than 1 season.

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Referee Assignment and Selection Tool - RefAssiST: for the best of refereeing

RefAssiST™ is being used by The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) for the referee appointments of all their football and futsal matches. Thanks to the RefAssiST™-algorithms the transport expenses of the referees could be reduced… read more...

When appointing referees or officials, the responsible referee officer needs to take into account a wide range of boundary conditions: referees may not return too often or too fast to the same club, the referees’ category (qualities), their availability and their personal preferences should be considered, clubs can reject referees and vice versa, there is a general shortage of referees in many sports disciplines, so they should be appointed as efficiently as possible, etc.  It goes without saying that manual appointing is prone to errors and time-consuming.

At the Royal Belgian Football Federation, there are approximately 150,000 appointments each season (2,500-5,000 per week). With RefAssiST this process is now automated and efficient. Our algorithms for automatic appointments not only take into account the many boundary conditions, but also aim at optimizing a number of predefined KPI’s. One of these KPI’s are the transport cost, which RefAssiST reduced with 25-30%!

RefAssiST and its built-in algorithms are easily transferrable to other sports. More information about the complete RefAssiST package can be found on the RefAssiST product website.

What our customers say

RefAssiST has significantly increased the efficiency of the referee administration and the referee appointing. The referee officers can now fully focus on their core business. In addition, the MoveteX support team is rated as top quality!

Jean-Baptist Bultynck — Refereeing officer, Flemisch Football Association