Match schedules

Optimal match schedules to satisfy all clubs

In a lot of sport federations, composing match schedules is done according to a fixed pattern: teams get a number assigned that determines the sequence of their opponents. The result of this ad hoc technique are numerous changes of the proposed fixtures during the season. Our mathematical algorithms are the only way to satisfy as many clubs as possible and to reduce calendar changes to an absolute minimum.

A wide range of boundary conditions have to be taken into account when composing a match schedule. For indoor sports this can be the availability of the sports hall. When a club has multiple youth teams, a combined travel can be an important aspect during the composition. For first teams, a home- or away match of an adjacent club has to be taken into account. In the highest divisions, the availabilities of stewards, safety people and police can be decisive. Tv-rights will make the problem even more complex.

All these aspects obviously prove that simple rules of thumb are no longer enough. The only way to compose match schedules is doing this by a more efficient custom-made optimization algorithm.