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Automatic and optimal planning of sport competitions

Numerous planning problems occur in the organisation of sport competitions: automatic appointments for referees and officials, the best possible match schedules that satisfy as many clubs as possible, or automatic and optimal series compositions. We already help the Royal Belgian Football Federation with their planning issues, and we are keen to tackle yours as well.

One of our references

Referee Assignment and Selection Tool - RefAssiST: for the best of refereeing

RefAssiST™ is being used by The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) for the referee appointments of all their football and futsal matches. Thanks to the RefAssiST™-algorithms the transport expenses of the referees could be reduced… read more...

The organization of sport competitions is a tedious and time consuming task, not only from an administrative point of view. In each sport discipline there are a number of planning issues that can not be solved manually. MoveteX has a wide experience in the planning of sport competitions, for instance in determining the best possible match schedules, or in the automatic composition of series for youth teams.

Another very difficult planning problem in many sports is the referee and official appointing. With RefAssiST, we can offer you a software package that enables automatic and optimal appointments. Every footbal and futsal match organised by the Royal Belgian Football Association, is appointed with the help of RefAssiST. Don’t hesitate to ask our advice concerning your specific sport planning problem!

What our customers say

RefAssiST has significantly increased the efficiency of the referee administration and the referee appointing. The referee officers can now fully focus on their core business. In addition, the MoveteX support team is rated as top quality!

Jean-Baptist Bultynck — Refereeing officer, Flemish Football Association

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