Production planning

Reconcile delivery times, production efficiency and stock sizes with each other

The optimal use of your production resources is crucial for the profitability of your company. At the same time, you do not want to maintain too large stock levels, but achieving the requested delivery times is vital for customer satisfaction. The production planning algorithms of MoveteX not only succeed in combining these three facets, but also give you the flexibility to raise or lower the importance of one of them. This enables you to respond perfectly to urgent sales orders, a change in the business cycle or a limitation of your available resources.

Custom plannings algoritm

Production planning is very different from company to company: the production chain, the available human and machine resources, the approach of the planners, the degree of automation, the product range, the stock levels and storage possibilities ... all contribute to a process that is unique for every company. The common denominator here is that every planning at least makes a trade-off between stock levels, efficiency of production resources and delivery times. Let that be just what the MoveteX algorithms are outstanding in: they look for the optimal combination of these different KPIs, and give you the flexibility to vary the relative importance of the KPIs.

Do you have an urgent sales order, a planned / unplanned maintenance on certain machines, a period with a lot of leaves of your production staff, stock levels that cost too much money ... our planning software takes this into account and calculates the production proposal under different circumstances with that KPIs you think are important to optimize.


Our approach is always the same: we screen your production chain and fine-tune our generic software core to precisely solve your planning issue. Integration into an existing ERP package is easy thanks to our API-driven approach. Adjusting planning parameters or adjusting schedules can be done seamlessly via our visual planning board.

Are you planning investments in new machines? Then a production simulation can tell you the effect on production output, efficiency and delivery times.