Order policy & stock optimization

Have the right stock quantity at the right place at the right moment

The two processes of replenishment and inventory are closely related. Order policies set the frequency for deliveries to a company. Often the regular replenishment order cycles are based on traditions, norms or general rules. The problem with this rule-of-thumb approach is that it's typically based on products with the most uncertain delivery histories. This has a major influence on the amount of inventory a company carries. MoveteX can help you free up working capital from unnecessary inventory buffers.

Inventory levels are needed to meet desired service levels for demand fulfillment. They are not bad at all, but like everything else in business, these levels should be optimized: not too high to diminish obsolete stock and to balance capital investment constraints (inventory = cash), not too low to minimize shortages.

Depending on demand, supply and supply lead-times (all based on historical and projected data) and the desired service level, we determine the recommended safety stock levels, the reorder levels and the order quantities. We can include extra boundaries such as promotions at customer and supplier level, seasonal variations, period of leaves of the supplier, etc.

Our algorithms run in the background and have a simple data handshake with your ERP-package. The optimal way to kill sleeping inventory capital.