Maritime logistics

OptaPort is a scheduling and simulation tool for optimizing lock operations in ports and on inland waterways

Optaport is our lock operations optimization software, that tackles three important maritime logistics issues: ship placement, lockage scheduling and multi-lock trajectory planning. It provides its user high quality solutions in the shortest possible computation times, both online and offline.

Lock scheduling is one of the most challenging problems in maritime logistics. Growing maritime traffic leads to an ever increasing pressure on the infrastructure of both ports and waterways. OptaPort is the ideal decision daily support software for the traffic managers. It easily adapts the lock planning to cope with last minute changes, foreseen or sudden traffic peaks and unforeseen failures in the lock infrastructure. The generated solutions are effortlessly proofed by the lock operators, allowing them to tackle any challenge they meet, while maintaining the highest efficiency for the lock infrastructure.

Additionally, OptaPort can be applied as an accurate maritime simulation tool, to quantitatively assess the impact of infrastructure changes, increased traffic or alternative policies. MoveteX has the necessary experience to conduct such lock-related and other maritime logistic studies. More information can be found at the OptaPort product website.