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Optimal resource planning in hospital made easy by a model-based quantitative approach

A custom-made mathematical software model of your hospital is the key for increased efficiency and cost reduction. Planning algorithms help you to have an efficient patient planning, operation planning or staff planning, and to synchronize these workflows. Capacity studies identify the bottleneck situations, or help you to evaluate or adapt investment projects.

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Optimal usage of available resources in hospitals

In many hospitals patient planning, surgery planning, staff planning, logistics planning, ... rely on a number of ad hoc principles and manual interventions. Nevertheless, streamlining these plannings onto each other and onto all relevant internal… read more...

The importance of (cost)-efficiency in hospitals and nursing centers has only increased over the last decade. Hospitals are complex organizations where many workflows (nursing wards – operation theater – patient flow – logistics -… ) and different stakeholders (doctors – management – nursing staff – non-medical staff – …) continuously interact with one another. Increasing the efficiency of this complicated co-operation can no longer be done by ad-hoc analysis.

Our approach is based on a custom-made mathematical model of the hospital or one ore more of its departments. This model includes all necessary legal and employment terms, the medical and paramedical demands, as well as the statistical variability intrinsic to patient care. It simulates the way in which the different workflows and stakeholders operate and co-operate.

The model can be used to organize and synchronize the different workflows: patient planning, staff planning, operation planning, logistics planning. Moreover, model-based simulation studies permit us to support or guide managerial decision-making: capacity analysis of the hospital or its departments, bottleneck-analysis, or scenario-analysis for investments projects.

With these quantitative techniques, we go beyond the classical approach of healthcare consultancy. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and see in 1 meeting how we can help you.

What our customers say

An innovative approach to health care consultancy, with signficant attention for stakeholder management, and a strong emphasis on quantitative results, actionable insights and practical suggestions for improvement.

Christophe Mouton, MSc. — CEO, Maria Middelares Hospital