Business forecasting

Get knowledge about the future that none of your competitors has

A reliable forecasting model will supply you with many crucial information: seasonal or cyclical patterns in your sales/clients, the effect of promotions and other marketing actions, trends and growth rates in your business activities, long-term or short-term variations in demand and prices, ... We help you to set-up the model, interpret the results, and monitor the future.

Forecasting has become a crucial part of managerial decision-making. Without a reliable forecasting model policy makers are groping in the dark.  Nevertheless, the development and the exploitation of such a model can be a very difficult task. It requires the knowledge of statistical data processing techniques, probabilistic simulation models and forecasting experience. Therefore, don’t hesitate to let us assist you in this forecasting process.

First of all, we help you to choose the right forecasting technique, based on the historical data available and the trade-off between the desired degree of accuracy and the time period to forecast. Based on our statistical experience, we define, filter and process the necessary historical data. In addition, we help you to interpret the results and to make a risk analysis. Finally, we can set up a change tracking system, that helps you to rapidly detect significant changes with respect to the forecasts, and allows you to adjust your strategic decisions with great agility.