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Optimize fixed routes 

Many companies use so-called milk rounds. These are fixed routes where the customer has one or more fixed delivery days. There is still much to be optimized within these fixed routes. Which route must be driven on which day? Which customers do you link to which round? How do you optimally organize the different customers on one route? We provide you with the most efficient routes for the coming period.

Determine your efficient fleet 

Are you considering an investment in new vehicles? Or do you wonder which vehicles from your fleet you should use most? We determine the most efficient fleet for your company based on historical data and/or forecasts. 

Route planning audit 

We analyze your current route planning and compare the routes with the solutions that our algorithms generate, taking into account all the planning requirements. We unequivocally demonstrate the potential savings if there are meaningful adjustments to your routes. 


A study is a risk-free one-off investment. In the event of changing circumstances, a recalculation may be useful. As the analysis was previously executed, this recalculation can be done at a limited cost.

Another complex challenge?

We have never been presented a case that was too complex to handle and we are keen to accept your challenge as well. 

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Movetex Lite Engine
Scandinavian Tobacco Group

“Any company that needs something or someone on a certain place can plan this more efficiently with LiteFleet. Their approach is transparent and they deliver what they promise.”

Scandinavian Tobacco Group


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