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Movetex LiteForces

Improve KPIs

Optimize your relevant KPI's

Reduce costs

Generate job assignments with the objective to minimize e.g. transport costs.

Apply time windows and due dates

LiteForces considers time window restrictions and due dates for jobs.

Improve project completion time

LiteForces can decrease the total completion time for projects with many, mutually dependent, jobs to assign.

Make your staff happy

Compose job schedules that take into account as many requests from your employees as possible.

Optimize planning

Increase output with your available workforce

Optimal team performance

LiteForces tries to optimize the total output of your team by efficiently assigning jobs and reducing overstaffing.

Apply skill sets

Different jobs require different skills and therefore different people. This is taken into account by LiteForces to ensure that schedules are generated in which talents are optimally used.

Full flexibility

Adapt parameters anytime

Adapt KPI priority

Our slider functionality allows you to determine the relative importance of your relevant KPIs.

Handle daily operational uncertainties

In case of unforeseen sickness of employees or changes in job settings, LiteForces allows you to adapt all operational parameters quickly, and recalculate.

Manual changes

The LiteForce algorithm provides you with a planning proposition. In our intuïtive planning environment, you can do all manual changes you want, and assess the influence on your KPIs.

Plan and simulate

Short and long term planning

Daily planning

The end-to-end LiteForces solution helps you to optimize your daily planning and reduces the time spent doing this.


The integrated simulation tool serves as the best possible decision support software: it allows you to calculate the optimal size and composition of your workforce by doing long term simulations.

Live demo

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