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Movetex LiteFleet

Route optimization

Optimize vehicle routes and minimize costs

Identify cost per drop

Identify the marginal cost of each drop. Movetex LiteFleet allows you to pinpoint the drops that make your transport more expensive.

Apply time windows

Take into account your customer time windows and simulate their influence on your costs and other KPIs.

Execute drops based on priority

Some deliveries are more urgent or important than others. Set priorities on drops and rest assured that the most important ones will be taken care of first.

Fleet efficiency

High-quality solutions for any fleet

Minimize cost in Euro

Enter your own distribution costs and those of your subcontractors, and LiteFleet calculates a solution that minimizes your total cost.

Maximize customer satisfaction

Make sure all customers receive their parcels within the time window they have set. Or violate them in a controlled way depending on your wishes.

Fulfill employee demands

Set intended route lengths. Equalize the route times so all employees have a fair and comparable workload.

Full flexibility

Adapt your fleet while maintaining efficiency

Update fleet information

Easily update all relevant fleet information: change depot locations, change vehicles in your fleet and update their availabilities.

Adapt KPI priority

Our slider functionality allows you to balance the relative importance of routedistance, routetime and time windows.

Handle daily operational uncertainties

LiteFleet allows you to adapt quickly to all operational uncertainties. Customer and employee parameters can be updated in just a few clicks.

End-to-end or modular

Applicable in any IT environment

Integrate API with any 3rd party

Integrate the API in your existing software. Consult our API documentation to integrate it yourself or ask one of our experts to do it for you.

End-to-end cloud solution

The LiteFleet SaaS-solution helps you through the entire planning process: from importing data to generating, consulting and adapting the routes.

Import drop information in bulk

Easily import all drop information with the bulk upload feature. Upload your excel sheet and generate your optimal logistics planning in one click.

Live demo

The experts of Movetex are convinced of the strength of their products. Therefore we'd love to show it to you. Fill in your details and we'll contact you for a free demo.