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Movetex LiteFleet

State of the art algorithms

powerful and efficient

Litefleet is built with the Movetex Lite Engine and therefore provides top-notch solutions for routing, planning and scheduling in logistics.

Full software or API calls

How we guarantee quality

We offer two options: the secured and RESTFul LiteFleet API or the LiteFleet Package, a complete intuitive planning tool.

Any integration possible

How synergies are created

Both LiteFleet API and LiteFleet Package allow seamless integration with your existing management software.

LiteFleet screenshot

Route optimization

LiteFleet intelligently optimizes vehicle routes, by organizing the stops in the most efficient way while minimizing travel distance and time and taking into account time windows.

Fleet efficiency

LiteFleet enables you to maximize your fleet efficiency by generating high-quality solutions for even the most diverse and complicated fleets.

Full flexibility

Our optimization engine ensures full flexibility: calculate and recalculate your fleet planning under varying circumstances or when last-minute changes occur.

End-to-end or modular

Movetex LiteFleet is applicable in any IT environment. Integrate the API or use the end-to-end solution with user-friendly front-end.

All features
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Some integrations

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