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Movetex LiteFactory

Just-in-time production planning

optimizes delivery times and stock levels

Just-in-time management

LiteFactory balances the delivery times and the stock levels in any scenario, make-to-order or make-to-stock.

Reduce inventory costs

Set absolute limitations on the stock levels and avoid high stock costs, without endangering your delivery times.

Intelligent forecasting

Based on the historical data, LiteFactory forecasts the necessary production amounts to balance delivery times and stock levels.

Production efficiency

Increase throughput with the available resources

Optimal production sequence

LiteFactory calculates the optimal production sequence to maximize the throughput efficiency: maximize production time and minimize changeover time.

Optimal use of the available resources

The limited availability of machine lines, input or raw materials, employees and technicians, is taken into account when calculating the production planning.

Immediate feedback and recalculation

When coupled with machine line software, LiteFactory automatically recalculates production schedule timing and offers immediate feedback on efficiency.

Reports and warnings

LiteFactory generates efficiency reports, and creates warnings when a constraint on resources endangers the production flow.

Full flexibility

Adapt parameters anytime

Update resource data

You can easily update all information concerning your production: change product settings and routings, desired stock levels, set priorities and update availabilities of employees or machine lines.

Adapt KPI priority

Our slider functionality allows you to determine the relative importance of cost, stock levels or delivery times. Calculate multiple plannings if necessary and choose the best for the specific situation of that day.

Cope with daily operational uncertainties

LiteFactory’s ease-of-use system allows you to adapt to all operational uncertainties and quickly recalculate the most optimal planning schedule.

Plan ahead

Plan and simulate anytime

Optimized planning horizon

Start planning at any time. Recalculate the planning easily if new information becomes available, and manually choose the fixed planning horizon for this recalculation.

Decision-making driven by simulations

What would be the effect of extra staff, new machine lines or new customers? LiteFactory's simulation tool easily quantifies this effect on the KPIs and you can use its outcome for objective decision-making.

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