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Short and reliable delivery times in combination with optimal stock levels

With 90% of their production exported to more than 45 countries, short and reliable delivery times are an important trademark of Vento. On the other hand, low stock levels, optimization of the production efficiency and throughput are crucial for any production company. With all production planning done manually, it was very difficult to combine these different aspects. In the event of an urgent last-minute order or an unforeseen production breakdown, optimal planning became even more complicated.



Thorough analysis, smooth implementation

After an intensive analysis of the Vento production facility, our specialists could customize the LiteFactory production planning algorithm to their specific needs. Given this customization and the planning engine’s built-in flexibility, the LiteFactory tool is able to find the perfect balance between delivery times, production efficiency, availability of production resources and stock levels. The planner can manually adapt the relative importance of these parameters to respond to any unforeseen event in the production chain. 


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