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Valuable insights

Valuable insights


Cost calculations

Calculate the real cost of each route or assignment. Compare different scenarios with each other, balance costs and benefits and make the right decisions.

Simulate what-if-scenarios

How would larger vehicles, new customers or larger time windows influence your route planning and costs? Simulate all possible what-if scenarios and calculate their impact on costs and KPIs.

Calculate the marginal cost per drop

Identify the marginal cost of each drop and compare with the customer's turnover. With LiteFleet you can easily detect drops that make your transport significantly more expensive.

Overview and analysis

Get an overview of the routes in our high-end geographical map and in the route plan with all details for each employee. Keep an overview at all times.

Calculate the impact of manual changes

The LiteFleet algorithm provides a planning proposal. In our user-friendly planning software, you can execute manual changes and immediately see their impact on your KPIs.

Live demo

Curious to see how it works? Our experts are happy to show you what LiteFleet can do for your business. Fill in your details and we'll contact you for a free demo.