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Staff and fleet efficiency

Staff and fleet efficiency


Use heterogeneous fleet efficiently

Compose your company fleet with different types of vehicles. LiteFleet minimizes the number of necessary vehicles and maximizes the utilization ratio based on the planned deliveries and / or collections.

External vehicles

Is it impossible to plan all orders with the available fleet? Calculate how many and which external vehicles are needed to serve all customers. And let external drivers drive cost-efficiently.

Allowed vehicle types

Depending on the customer's location, certain vehicle types may or may not be allowed. Plan the right vehicles in the right place.

Deploy staff efficiently

Use the minimum number of employees required to serve all customers whilst taking into account all requirements.

Day-by-day planning or long-term planning

Let LiteFleet calculate the ideal schedule for one day or ask to organize multiple assignments as efficiently as possible over several days.

Periodic tasks

LiteFleet schedules periodic tasks automatically on the right time, through a smart balance between the priority of the jobs and the travel distance between customers.

Balance workload among employees

Let each employee serve an equal number of customers or work for the same length of time? Configure it in LiteFleet and keep employees happy.

Take skills into account

Different jobs require different skills. Assign employees with the required competencies to the right jobs and use their talent optimally.

Fixed regions and customers

Employees with fixed regions? Or customers who only want to be served by a specific  employee to improve customer loyalty? LiteFleet plans the right employee at the right place.

Set employee working time

Decide what the minimum and / or maximum working time is for the employees. Take legal driving and rest times into account.

Absent employees

Remove absent employees from the planning and recalculate automatically or adjust manually.

Priority of assignments

Some assignments are more urgent than others. Prioritize jobs to ensure that the most important ones are performed first.

Manual changes

Last minute changes? A recalculation can have a major impact on the internal organization. Add customers manually, move them to a different route or adjust the requirements of a stop and analyze the impact on the KPIs.

Need a specific feature?

Are you looking for a specific feature for your planning? A requirement that must be met that you will not find in other software packages? We develop our software in-house. Challenge us and we will build your customized features.

Live demo

Curious to see how it works? Our experts are happy to show you what LiteFleet can do for your business. Fill in your details and we'll contact you for a free demo.