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Route optimization

Route optimization


Minimize travel distance

The basis of route optimization. But taking into account all your specific requirements.

Respect time windows of customers

LiteFleet schedules all jobs within the requested time windows of customers when planning the routes.

Priority of customers

Some deliveries are more urgent than others. Prioritize deliveries to ensure that the most important customers are served first.

Duration of stops

Determine a fixed duration that the employee needs for a specific stop at a customer. In addition, also set a variable duration such that the duration of a stop depends on the quantity of goods to be delivered or collected.

Fixed regions and customers

Employees with fixed regions? Or customers who only want to be served by a specific  employee to improve customer loyalty? LiteFleet plans the right employee at the right place.

Start and end location

Set one of the company's depots as start and end location or let the employees start and end from home.

One tour per day or multi-tour

Depending on the capacity of the vehicles and the time required for the routes, one or more routes per vehicle can be selected, with a stopover at one of the depots.

Traffic information

When planning the routes, LiteFleet takes historical traffic data and the speed profile of different vehicle types into account. As such, a planning is generated that matches reality.


Take toll costs and kilometer charges into account and minimize all possible transportation costs.

Mobile application for drivers

Send complete routes to the drivers through a user-friendly app and integrate with various navigation apps. Stay up-to-date on the order status, send messages and report changes immediately.

Manual changes

Last minute changes? A recalculation can have a major impact on the internal organization. Add customers manually, move them to a different route or adjust the requirements of a stop and analyze the impact on the KPIs.

Need a specific feature?

Are you looking for a specific feature for your planning? A requirement that must be met that you will not find in other software packages? We develop our software in-house. Challenge us and we will build your customized features.

Live demo

Curious to see how it works? Our experts are happy to show you what LiteFleet can do for your business. Fill in your details and we'll contact you for a free demo.