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Movetex LiteFleet

Intelligent planning software

  • Save on transport and staff costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Free up planning time that you can spend more efficiently
  • Keep employees satisfied
  • Digitize planning expertise
  • Increase customer happiness
LiteFleet screenshot

Set your own KPI's

and their importance

Minimizing the driving distance is very important. However, a planning must also consider a multitude of other parameters. You want to supply or visit as many customers as possible, keep the utilization ratio of the vehicles as high as possible and violate as few time windows as possible. We help you with the perfect combination of KPIs and the appropriate importance of each KPI.

LiteFleet screenshot
LiteFleet screenshot

Meet all requirements

or violate them in a controlled way

Route planning has many preconditions and limitations. LiteFleet can consider more than 45 parameters. Together we determine which parameters are needed for your specific planning problem and adjust them accordingly.

We distinguish hard boundaries and soft boundaries. Litefleet never violates hard boundaries. However, soft boundaries can be violated in a controlled manner if this generates a more efficient solution. Simulate different scenarios and discover the costs and benefits. And choose yourself.

Live demo

Curious to see how it works? Our experts are happy to show you what LiteFleet can do for your business. Fill in your details and we'll contact you for a free demo.