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Scandinavion Tobacco Group


Transport capacity is not optimally used, implying cost and time losses

Over the past years, the STG production site has integrated several factories in the region. As a result, there are people from three different provinces working in Lummen. STG has developed a collective transport scheme for employees who have had to change sites in the past. STG ensures that these people get to work and back home. Previously, large buses were used for this. However, due to staff changes, the capacity utilization of these buses had dropped too much. Therefore, this scheme required a profound review.

Scandinavion Tobacco Group
Scandinavion Tobacco Group


Profound analysis for accurate input and optimization execution by our experts

The Movetex business consultant performed a profound analysis of all needs and parameters. As always, the better the data input, the better the output. To carry out the study, we used our Movetex Lite Engine, into which all necessary data was entered, such as the locations and time schedules of employees.

Based on this, all possible scenarios were outlined for the organization of collective transport and we identified the most optimal scenario.

Scandinavion Tobacco Group

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