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Large number of inefficient appointments resulting in bad KPIs and high transport costs

When appointing referees, a large number of boundary conditions must be taken into account account (e.g., referees cannot go back too often or too quickly to the same team, category [qualities], availability, personal preferences). There is also a general shortage of referees, so they must be appointed as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, travel costs should be minimized.



Determine conflicting KPIs to optimize in all possible scenarios

Together with the appointment officers, the Movetex business consultants made a profound analysis of all needs and parameters. They applied rules of thumb and insights in the manual planning process, mainly based on hopping from one spreadsheet to another. Given this information, the Movetex team configured and tuned the LiteFleet engine for different scenarios. The KPI results were compared to the original scenario and fine-tuned during several iterations until a solution was obtained that was acceptable for all stakeholders.


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